My Life in Movies: Marie Antoinette


Marie Antoinette


One of the most aestetically pleasing movies of all time has to be Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. Despite the beatings it received from critics, the film does exactly what it’s supposed to do, offer a look at the French queen in an updated way with cool post punk beats.

How can a film laced with Ladurée confections and custom made Manolo Blahniks not be just the most beautiful freaking thing that you have ever seen!? From the piled high pink pastel and sometimes boat bearing wigs to the silk embroidered garments, grown-up dress up players would lust over, this film has some serious eye candy.




I remember watching this by myself when I was home sick from school. It’s a good movie to watch alone for the first time so haters don’t taint it for you (Twilight should be watched alone too). It was a movie I could see a lot of people hating, the acting is a bit dodgy really, but I didn’t care. I knew it would be my spring go-to movie. It was lovely and smart and picturesque. It made me want to be rich, royal, and young in the 1700s complete with garden parties, and hide and go seek at Versailles.

 If you have not seen this movie, I would recommend that you do . It also has a super dope soundtrack! Happy movie watching!
Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 12.57.16 PM
These are hardly historically accurate for “Le Mode” of Marie Antoinette’s time, so I took some modern liberties in true Sofia Coppola fashion. I would like to see what a modern Marie Antoinette would wear. I see her now, parading around in designer duds, floral crop tops, perhaps even some studded Jeffrey Campbells, all with the same lovely pastel color palette, living beyond her means, making everyone mad. I feel sponsored by top shop, but I love these pieces.
1. Floral Crown, Etsy $8; 2. Cropped Vest, Topshop $16; 3. Digital Peony Bikini Top, Topshop $26; 4. Blusher in Pink, Topshop $9; 5. Antique Jacquard Midi Skirt, Topshop $96; 6. Sugar Lip Treatment in Rosé, Fresh $22; 7. Dance Instead of Walking Heel in Pink, Modcloth $38; 8. Forever New Macaroon Ring Case in Rose and Lavender, Forever New $8.
Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 3.16.48 PM
I don’t know how you can even begin to try to replicate Versailles decor without a proper chandelier. If I were to decorate a Monarch inspired palace these items would suit the decor quite nicely. Not too lavish, just enough. I think that even Lisa Vanderpump would approve of these pieces. Wink, wink.

My Life in Movies: Harriet the Spy




When I was growing up, movies were a big deal to me. I think they were even more of a big deal to me than they are now because the movies I watched and loved helped me become who I am. Those movies I cherished are sentimental to me now – they remind me of my childhood. Forts and tree swing making at grandmas, roller-skating in the lanai (fancy Hawaiian name for patio), playing mermaids in the neighbor’s swimming pool. These glorious memories were woven in between downtime – the downtime spent watching movies.

One of the movies that holds a particular sentimentality in me is Harriet the Spy. The book was actually my first book report – 2nd grade baby! This movie was particularly influential because it inspired a new hobby, spying! A movie like Harriet the Spy changes your life in that you become consumed by the art of becoming a spy. You make your mom buy you a black and white composition notebook. You scribe “PRIVATE” in all caps on the front, and write everything down. Your neighbor’s dog-walking schedule becomes important, the paper route, street cleaning – you document what used to be mundane observations, which have now become, “SPYING.”

I carried that dog-eared notebook filled with grocery lists my grandma used at the Commissary, my grandpa’s nap schedule, my cousin’s homework, and mom’s shoe wearing choices everywhere.

This movie was BIG. It changed my life. Gully, Harriet’s nanny, tells her if she wants to be a writer, she needs to write everything down. I think it was the first time I actively pursued writing. And let me tell you, the original notebook I found under my bed, is quite a hoot to read now. 7-year-old Hannah was a kooky kid.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 9.50.25 PM

1. Yellow Marigold Raincoat, $94.99; 2. Marble Composition Notebook, $5.39; 3. Tonasa Striped Cotton Terry Tee, $175; 4. Toast Tennis Shoes, $140; 5. Opera Glasses 6. Torch Light, $48; 7. Ticonderoga #2 Pencil, 36 for $18.29; 8. Distressed 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans, $69.95.

Harriet the Spy follows an upper middle class only child, Harriet, who spies around her neighborhood in New York City. She has an aspiring mad scientist girlfriend, Janie, and a struggling writer’s son guy friend, Sport. Harriet is close with her friends, but her introverted ways allow her to escape into her own world of spying. It is when these two worlds collide, with the help of her arch nemesis, a snobby girl whose name I cannot be bothered to remember, when things get sticky.




The movie aesthetics are classic and retro, yet incredibly mindful of its 90s time period. The movie depicts a safe New York City with kid friendly parks, mom and pop grocery stores, and a highbrow elementary school. I think you will enjoy the story and setting if you have yet to see this classic.

I remember the VHS was orange and I thought that was just the tops.



Lana del Rey 60s Inspired Makeup




I know, this is way too many posts about you know who… but I don’t give any.  So… this was my first makeup tutorial, I was using a new camera, and I have just been recently getting over a 3 WEEK LONG illness.. hope it all went relatively ok.  ANYWHO, If you would like to get this swell and cool look, watch the video. If not… I could care. Oui. ok, so, products used.

  • Face:
  • Lancome bienfait moisturizer
  • Loreal True Match foundation in ivory
  • Loreal True Match concealer in light/ivory
  • benefit erase paste in #1
  • Rimmel stay matte powder in translucent
  • Eyes:
  • Mac paintpot in “soft ochre”
  • Maybelline eyeshadow in “linen”
  • Mac eyeshadow “cork”
  • Sephora precision tip liquid liner in black
  • Mac pencil eyeliner in “smolder”
  • Nars larger than life liner in “rue bonparte”
  • Brows:
  • Anastasia brow wiz in “medium”
  • Mac shadow in “omega”
  • Cheeks:
  • Mac pro-longwear blush in “Rosy Outlook”
  • Elf facial whip highlight in “lilac” – only $1 honey chilllddd
  • Lips:
  • Mac lip pencil in “soar”
  • Revlon just bitten kissale balm stain in “Charm”
  • Mac lipstick in “cream cup”
  • Elf lip gloss in “bubble gum”

C’est Fini! bye bye!


Top 5 Girl Crushes of 2012


So, I am sure everyone knows what a “girl crush” is, but let’s do a recap for the baby boomers and moms est. 1990 reading this blog, sadly my largest audience. Urban Dictionary defines a “girl crush” as “feelings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag the said girl. a nonsexual attraction, usually based on veneration at some level.” I would say a girl crush is a platonic quasi-obsession one hetero girl has for another girl. It’s like you admire that girl so much for her taste, brain, and style, you wanna be her. What a really nice guy would feel initially towards a girl, when you think about the whole mind vs. sex part of the attraction. Any who, I have compiled a list of my 5 top girl crushes for 2012.

1). Lana Del Rey: I have just devoted a blog entry to why I love to hate this girl, but I will state my girl crushery in a less complex fashion: Lana has a cohesive fashion story. She never veers from her 60s prom queen, zombie wannabe, chola-ness/all-american white girl, and I love that – you know what you are getting when you google image search her. She has a cute reconstructed nose, and her hair is always perfectly teased. I just love this betty and her melodramatic music. She gets 5 and 1/2 Beehives in my book.


2). Paloma Faith: I have been listening to her single, New York, on the Sephora radio for about 5 1/2 months and had no idea who she was until 2 weeks ago. She is super duper cute. Another vintage queen, she is not conventionally beautiful and not afraid to wear strange avant-garde hair or gowns to further strangify her looks. Paloma is also a super rad name. Paloma has this super cute british accent and affection for polka dots, and I just heart her so much. She also has a video for her song “Picking Up the Pieces” set in a grave yard, which I think is perfectly hitchcock and chic. Check her out, the girl has some vocal pipes on her!


3). T Swift: Golly gee another love hate thing… because she has the most ridiculous and undeep love life, but I mostly just love her. I don’t think Taylor has anything great going for her vocally, or songically… but she has mediocre breakup songs when you are feeling 16 and stupid and heartbroken – which I feel from time to time (even though I mostly feel jaded, and 53). Tay Tay also has some sweet fashion sense with her little high wasted skirts, ray bans, her cute little bangs, and dainty little socks, etc. She rocks the red lips and winged liner, and I just like her. Her perfume is also horrible, and wonderfully sweet and vanillay… SO T Swift ain’t so bad, and worthy of a girl crush.


4). Miley Cyrus: OMG I really hate myself for this one… but her style lately has been too rad not to notice. I love that she is rockin’ the whole 90s grunge thing with her courageous little bleached pixi, her distressed denim, combat boots, and flannel. I actually love her aesthetic now, even though she is still a bit slootay.


5). Hattie from Qu33neY on youtube: Not a hollywood girl, but one of my FAVORITE vloggers of 2012. Hattie is the cutest little british girl. She has great style, great taste, and she just seems like the kind of girl you would want to go thrifting with and drink lavender milk tea with on a Sunday afternoon. I love her videos and her blog, and I look forward to her next interweb endeavors of 2013. AND we are also the same age, so i think that’s KOOL.


Happy Girl Crushing!

XOXO Hanners

Taking a Walk in: Moonrise Kingdom

This last June I went to a small indie theater in Orange County with my crew consisting of: a literary genius with blunt bangs a la Zooey, a mustard sweater clad christian boy who is funny as hell, and a very cool Korean who eats more than anyone I know and remains the size of a small and beautiful doe, to see Moonrise Kingdom. I am a sap for young love, the 60s aesthetic, and Edward Norton in khakis and knee highs, so I was intrigued by the trailers and excited to see the new Wes Anderson film. Up to this point, The Royal Tenenbaums was my favorite WAF (not to be confused with Woody Allen Film). A film with good character development, a multiple story house, a grownup tent, and just the right amount of familial dysfunctionality, are all qualities to make The Royal Tenenbaums the ‘uppest’ of my alley. Moonrise Kingdom has taken these qualities and blown them up into the finest picture of warm pastels, adolescent mini skirts, the poorest application of blue eyeshadow and a cat eye, vinyl, fine literature, pubescent sexuality, the boy scouts, thunder storms, blood, and dead dogs. The music, indie, the characters, iconic, and equally capable to become halloween costume standards like the black eye rimmed Margo Tenenbaum. From the opening scene, there is an awareness of duty and regularity that slowly gets turned upon itself. The use of: the boy scouts, their rules and regulations, the parents, who do not love each other, the anecdotal narrator/tour guide, with the funny forest green hat and galoshes – all of which help create a stream of life lessons, a neuvo romeo and juliet, a tale of forbidden love, and a story where running away from home teaches everyone a little bit more about themselves. None of the characters are by any means popular or functional, but they are lovely and classic and likely to stay a while in the hearts of those lucky enough to understand this movie.

Apart from the fantastical story telling abilities Wes achieves in Moonrise, the particular and unusual aesthetics melt my hearts lenses. I love Suzy Bishop. I love her peachy and collared dress, her knee socks, her blue eyeshadow, her saddle shoes, her binoculars that help her understand the world. I love Sam, his Daniel Boone hat, his glasses, his necktie, his pocket knife. I love how these kids play house in the woods. I just want to put all of this inventory into a canteen and take it with me into the back woods. The colors, the richness of this film, the close attention it pays to the 60s, and small island living, these are a few of the pieces I found particularly engaging and had to blog about:

Suzy is a reader, a young intellectual. She needs to see the world through binoculars because she cannot get close enough without them. Suzy is the eldest of three brothers, she needs to feel glamorous and special, and Sam makes her feel that way. She needs a sense of adventure, but without neglecting her need to feel feminine and to be doted upon with wild flowers and underwear dances on the shores of a deserted beach – this is why she wears frosted blue eye shadow and liquid liner whilst camping (girl after my own heart).

1. The “Globe Trotter” yellow suitcase, an essential to any runaway from home circa 1965, J.Crew. $1,750; 2. Old Binoculars, the best way to see the world, $32; 3. Stila Jewel Eyeshadow in blue sapphire, a must to achieve Suzy’s classic cat eye, $20; 4. L’Oreal Lineur Intense in carbon black, no cat eye is finished without a thick line of liquid liner, $8; 5. Red Shift, a classic retro shift is a requirement for fashionistas during the mod era, $33; 6. Crosley Portable Usb Spinnerette, the stolen jam player, $170; 7. Pastel Journal, all intellectuals carry a pretty little leather journal, it’s just the way it is, $42; 8. Saddle Shoes, the classic shoe seals the 60s aesthetic, $38, 9. Knee Highs, sweet and flirty, $34.

Sam is an orphan, a hopeless romantic, and a painter. He is strange and does not have many friends. He incites a pen pal relationship with Suzy. Sam knows beauty when he sees it. He likes things that are unusual and sophisticated – Sam is a lovely boy who fights back. I love this charming kid. Anyone who wears a Daniel Boone hat is safe in my book.

1. Authentic Coonskin Cap, every globe trotter needs this to keep his head toasty, $200; 2.H&M Specks, nerd chic complete, $10; 3.Vintage Tiger Scarf, to complete the boy scout couture, $200; 4. Green Cardi, indie boy scouts costume game changer, $195; 5. Ecote Canvas Ruchsack, the most rustic backpack with the right amount of retro combat style ,$50; 6. Canteen, the mean canteen to keep an adventurer and his girl well hydrated, $8; 7. Remington Rifle, 2nd amendment bitches, and to kill food; 8. Sperry Topsider Boat Shoes, the classic leather loafer, good for scouts and their ensembles, $80; 9. Green Khaki Shorts, zip fly and extended button, need I say more?, $53.

If you have not yet, see this film, it will make you laugh and feel all beautiful and retro inside.

Top Knots and Bowler Hats, A Love Story

I have always thought what is on your head is more important than what’s in it.  Who cares how smart you are when you look baller in your bowler? Or like a princess with a hugeass bun on your head?

Both are great for bad hair days and just lookin’ plain bitchin.’  Hopefully the middle schooler won’t catch on with these trends like they did with combat boots… (no comment).

First of all, you may ask: How does one achieve an elegant and ridiculously large knot on your head? Sockbun anyone? Yea, it doesn’t work… that chick from Eastern Europe on Youtube is cray, cray.  I have my own way (may differ for each hair type)….

Image Detail

Steps for Top Knot:

1) Get an elastic head band, (so you have a lot of band to use on your pony tail), and form an ordinary ponytail, pretty high on your head, depending how high you want your knot. (note: with all the wrapping from the elastic, your ponytail should have a pretty thick band around it and look like I Dream of Jeannie).

2)  Take the hair in your pony tail and tease as needed, (the teasing helps with volume).

3) Lightly brush your backcombed hair and wrap it into a loose bun.

4) Secure with an elastic or bobby pins (I just use one elastic).

5) Final step, adjust hair to your liking and spray lightly with a strong hold hairspray.

AND, it can be however messy or neat as you wish… the rogue in me likes it a tiny bit tousled and casual.

How to look baller in your bowler?

1) Buy a hat from Urban Outfitters, some overpriced hipster vintage store, the ghetto mall, and/or Sears.

2) (The baller part depends on your self esteem – get some).

Still not convinced to wear one… ?  Think of all the ballers who wore bowler hats:

Charlie Chaplin, who had babies well into his 70, what’s not baller about that?

Image Detail

The effing Wright brothers… plane travel, baller.

Wright Brothers

Winston Churchill… super quoted dead Brit…

Image Detail

Madonna, we would have no Lady Gaga if it weren’t for Madonna…

Image Detail

AND that guy in the painting with the apple… super chill piece of art y’all…

Image Detail

So there you have it, buy a bowler.

Peace and blessings, and top off that head.