The Stripey Shirt Dress

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I think men’s wear on women was cool, is cool, and always will be cool. I love a shirt dress because there is something effortlessly chic about it. You literally just throw it on! I like the bowler hat because it adds to the menswear theme and I feel like Charlie Chaplin, or Winston Churchill #winwin. These lacey biker shorts add some grunge along with the cherry Docs. This ensemble is ideal for a lazy weekend. Cheers!


Shirt Dress by Silence & Noise, Urban Outfitters, 50% off in stores) 

Lacey Biker Shorts, Forever 21 (old)

Dr. Martens, 1460 in Cherry Red

Ray Bans Aviator Sunnies

Bowler Hat, Urban Outfitters (old)

Michael Kors “Runway Watch” in stainless steel 

Chanel Cross body, old

Pyrrha “Hear Me Roar” Sterling Necklace

Mac lipliner in “Spice” and Mac lipstick in “Hue”

Hannah’s Happy Hour: The Moscow Mule



Moscow Mules were born in the US in the 1940s gaining major popularity in LA in the 50s and boy are we glad they have resurfaced these last couple years. Retro cocktails like the mule are classics that we will have long beyond our Madmen days. The Mule, as I like to refer to her, is an icy and refreshing drink comprised of ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice, and it absolutely must be served in a copper mug to keep her icy. Elsa would even approve of this libation. After a week of rich food, not to mention: Ramos Gin Fizzes, White Russians, and Egg Nog everything (eggnog that is practically seeping through the pores), this beverage is a nice and clean way to detox from all of the cream. Want to learn how to make one? For simple steps, keep reading.


IMG_0843_Fotor IMG_0865

Moscow Mule, serves one:

-Ice cubes                                                                                                                                                       -2 shots Vodka (I recommend Grey Goose)
-Ginger Beer, about 16 oz. (Gosling’s is my fave. Please note ginger beer is very different from Ginger Ale, no Canada Dry, y’all)
-Fresh lime juice (1/2 lime)
-1 lime wedge and a fresh sprig of mint to garnish                                                                                       -Copper Mule Mug (This is a crucial medium for the cocktails. Check out these mugs, 40% off on amazon!)

To make the drink, fill your copper mule mug with ice. Combine 2 shots of the Vodka and top it off with ginger beer until your mug is full to your liking. Add the lime wedge to hang on the rim and a sprig of mint for an extra classy touch.

Enjoy and drink responsibly! Happy New Year!

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Tuxedo Neato!







First time wearing this color blocked Tuxedo style blazer from the Peter Pilotto collection at Target. I did get quite a few compliments on it! Good stuff compliments are. These tuxedo striped pants were from Old Navy last spring and I quite like the stripe detailing with the style of the jacket – my take on “men’s wear.” I live in these booties by Sam Edelman! I wear them with goodness knows everything! Good news, these blouses are currently available at Old Navy and they are mighty comfy, inexpensive but quite classy. I snatched up 3. I need 10.

Blazer: Peter Pilotto for Target (sold out!)

Blouse: Old Navy

Tuxedo Striped Jeans: Old Navy (last season)

Booties: Sam Edelman

Watch: Michael Kors “Runway” Silver

Bag: Michael Kors Hamilton Bag

Sunglasses: Rayban Aviators



Sephora Haul: Goodies + Some Skincare

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 11.07.23 PM

1. Lancome Bienfait Aqua Moisturizer ; 2. Nail Inc. Polish in “baker street;” 3. Stila Convertible Color in Petunia; 4. Benefit “Benetint” + Benefit (le full sized) “Girl Meets Pearl” + Bad Gal Lash (500 perk!); 5. Philosophy Amazing Grace; 6. Clinique Clarifying Lotion; 7. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap; Sephora X nail polish in “ding bat” (not pictured).

Hey LADY! So, I went to Sephora recently, and decided I would do something totes girly and make a haul video and map it all out on polyvore. Hashtag, YOPO! (you only purchase once). Most of the products I purchased were staples… so nothing too exciting, but the 500 point perk was a full sized “girl meets pearl!” Like ZOMG, party like a VIB (very important beauty insider).

Don’t judge me for the cheesiness above – I just ran 4 miles and am feeling a bit loopy.


❤ Hannerz