2012 Favorites: Beauty, Fashion, Accessories, Nonsense.









This my first YOUTUBE VIDEO! HARRBOOOWWLLLL!!!!  So super excited and noobie and bananas. I hope you enjoy this ridiculously long video of me talking about makeup and sweat shop necklaces. PEACE & BLESSINGS. Meow.

Here are the links to everything I mention in this video:

Face products

L’Oreal true match foundation in soft ivory $8.49

L’Oreal true match concealer in ivory/light $7.99

Revlon photo ready concealer stick in 002 $8.99


Milani baked blush in luminoso $8.99


Elf shimmering facial whip in Lilac Petal $1

Bobbi Brown shimmer brick $42 (which is like $50, lol)


Urban decay naked basics $27

Smashbox masterclass $59

Mac nylon $15

Mac paradisco $15


Maybelline master precise eyeliner in black $6.99


nivea kiss of mint and minerals $2.99

Revlon lip butter in Tutti Fruiti $6.49

Revlon lip butter in Sweet Tart $6.49

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains in Rendezvous $7.49

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in 157 Twin Set Pink $28


Clinique Liquid Facial Soap $16.50

Clinique Clarifying Lotion $13 #3 for normal/combination skin


Forever 21 Large Pearl Studs $1.50

Forever 21 Necklace 


Doc Tanners/Oxfords $130

Dolce Vita Booties $99.95 (in black, tan ones are on sale!)

Orange Fun!

Moleskin in red orange $18.95

iPad case in tangerine $25.19

Forever 21 sunglasses $5.80

What I am wearing:
Eyes: urban decay eye shadow in gunmetal, mac nylon, mac cork, maybelline master precise eyeliner in black
Cheeks: Milani blush in luminoso, Elf facial whip in lilac petal, bobbi brown shimmer brick
Lips: Nyx nude lip liner in natural, Dior Addict lip gloss in 157 twin set pink
Face: Lancome Bienfait moisturizer, YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation in B30, L’oreal true match concealer in fair, Rimmel stay matte powder

Shirt: forever 21
Necklace: forever 21
Michael Khors Rose Gold Runway Chronograph Watch


Top 5 Girl Crushes of 2012


So, I am sure everyone knows what a “girl crush” is, but let’s do a recap for the baby boomers and moms est. 1990 reading this blog, sadly my largest audience. Urban Dictionary defines a “girl crush” as “feelings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag the said girl. a nonsexual attraction, usually based on veneration at some level.” I would say a girl crush is a platonic quasi-obsession one hetero girl has for another girl. It’s like you admire that girl so much for her taste, brain, and style, you wanna be her. What a really nice guy would feel initially towards a girl, when you think about the whole mind vs. sex part of the attraction. Any who, I have compiled a list of my 5 top girl crushes for 2012.

1). Lana Del Rey: I have just devoted a blog entry to why I love to hate this girl, but I will state my girl crushery in a less complex fashion: Lana has a cohesive fashion story. She never veers from her 60s prom queen, zombie wannabe, chola-ness/all-american white girl, and I love that – you know what you are getting when you google image search her. She has a cute reconstructed nose, and her hair is always perfectly teased. I just love this betty and her melodramatic music. She gets 5 and 1/2 Beehives in my book.


2). Paloma Faith: I have been listening to her single, New York, on the Sephora radio for about 5 1/2 months and had no idea who she was until 2 weeks ago. She is super duper cute. Another vintage queen, she is not conventionally beautiful and not afraid to wear strange avant-garde hair or gowns to further strangify her looks. Paloma is also a super rad name. Paloma has this super cute british accent and affection for polka dots, and I just heart her so much. She also has a video for her song “Picking Up the Pieces” set in a grave yard, which I think is perfectly hitchcock and chic. Check her out, the girl has some vocal pipes on her!


3). T Swift: Golly gee another love hate thing… because she has the most ridiculous and undeep love life, but I mostly just love her. I don’t think Taylor has anything great going for her vocally, or songically… but she has mediocre breakup songs when you are feeling 16 and stupid and heartbroken – which I feel from time to time (even though I mostly feel jaded, and 53). Tay Tay also has some sweet fashion sense with her little high wasted skirts, ray bans, her cute little bangs, and dainty little socks, etc. She rocks the red lips and winged liner, and I just like her. Her perfume is also horrible, and wonderfully sweet and vanillay… SO T Swift ain’t so bad, and worthy of a girl crush.


4). Miley Cyrus: OMG I really hate myself for this one… but her style lately has been too rad not to notice. I love that she is rockin’ the whole 90s grunge thing with her courageous little bleached pixi, her distressed denim, combat boots, and flannel. I actually love her aesthetic now, even though she is still a bit slootay.


5). Hattie from Qu33neY on youtube: Not a hollywood girl, but one of my FAVORITE vloggers of 2012. Hattie is the cutest little british girl. She has great style, great taste, and she just seems like the kind of girl you would want to go thrifting with and drink lavender milk tea with on a Sunday afternoon. I love her videos and her blog, and I look forward to her next interweb endeavors of 2013. AND we are also the same age, so i think that’s KOOL.


Happy Girl Crushing!

XOXO Hanners

Merry, Merry, Merry Gifts!

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 3.02.04 PM

1. Michael Kors “Runway” Chronograph Watch in silver & gold, $250; 2. Tory Burch ‘Reva’ Ballerina Flats, $195; 3. Corgi puppy, $the love in your little heart; 4. Mac 209 Eye Liner Brush, $19; 5. Mac Lipstick in Myth, $15; 6. Mac Paint Pot in “Quite Natural,” $18.50; 7.Chloe, Eau de Parfum 2.5 oz., $115 .

#7 I already procured for myself, Christmas early! 🙂

Merry Christmas. I hope you all get what you want, but more importantly, remember the “reason for the season.”

❤ Hannah

9 Reasons We Love to Hate Lana del Rey

I have this weird obsession with Lana del Rey. It’s more than a girl crush, less than a fatal attraction. I guess I like her as much as any heterosexual girl can like another girl, but with a healthy dose of disgust. I suppose my feelings toward Lana del Rey can only be articulated through a list of reasons why I hate her, which are also the same reasons why I admire her.

1) Her fake name. Lana. del. Rey. It’s so pretentiously 60s. Her real name, Lizzie Grant, is painfully average – boring like a gram cracker. Lana del Rey lends itself to a positively putrid 60s romance. A boneheaded 60s beach film even, one that welcomes bouffants, high waisted bikinis and record players.

2) Her lips. So phony and fishlike. Not unlike Don Knotts in the Incredible Mr. Limpet. Her bass lips are revolting, yet voluptuous and perfectly bee stung – they look the best in her “Born to Die” video, crimson red, ready to bleed to death.

3) Her Talons. The nails are rarely un-lacquered. They are pointy as syringes and glamorously wild. I bet she gives a could back tickle.

4) Her SNL performance. The most bizarre and entrancing performance I have ever witnessed. The out of place turns and yodels. The video has been ‘favorited’ on my youtube account along with Miss Teen South Carolina’s “The Iraq Speech.” Not to mention the countless internet memes of the songstress twirling in microwaves and toilet bowls (which may or may not be found here and here #lanadelreydancing).

5) Her American trailer trash, chola, hipster style. Often seen in nascar jackets, with overdrawn brown lips, wearing eagle and beer tee shirts, this little American is too much. Decked out in American flags and ripped jeans, her petite figure and huge hair is all wrong – but golly, she makes it work.

6) Her wicked winged liner. That dramatic inky black cat eye a sober Amy Winehouse would have rocked (RIP). It’s over the top and casual and beautiful and artsy, fml – I heart her.

7) Her blood obsession. I swear, in every video the girl is covered in blood – like Harry ‘bloody’ Potter. Blood can be cool, and gross, and entrancing, and she makes it so when she is dying, hemorrhaging from an unnecessary car collision, a shooting, pool accident. Is blood a new hot factor? Or is it just a morbid curiosity thing. Who knows. Lana del Rey uses it as an accessory and we love her for it.

8) Her Priscilla Presley bouffant. That beehive could house a tea party with Rebecca black and Carly Rae Jepsen. A hairstyle that probably uses ten cans of aqua net and pomade. A decent Youtube tutorial has yet to demonstrate her infamous do. Maybe, just maybe one day, I will do that teased nest of Lana love justice.

9) The song “Video Games.” With harps, weird rap-like phrasing, and melodramatic lyrics, she got me under her spell. I swear, the girl is a witch of some sort.

The bewitching anti-sensation that is Lana del Rey. The muse of my tumblr and instagram, what have you done to the alternative internet youth of America? That hipster-chola-white trashiness manifested itself into a petite 20 something wonder, who’s heart has been broken, not unlike Adele or T Swift, but executed through sweet tunes with an underground quality. A degenerate prom queen. A vintage enchantress. The only person I know who can make a Budwiser tee look smart. You all American biotch – Lana del Rey.

Taking a Walk in: Moonrise Kingdom

This last June I went to a small indie theater in Orange County with my crew consisting of: a literary genius with blunt bangs a la Zooey, a mustard sweater clad christian boy who is funny as hell, and a very cool Korean who eats more than anyone I know and remains the size of a small and beautiful doe, to see Moonrise Kingdom. I am a sap for young love, the 60s aesthetic, and Edward Norton in khakis and knee highs, so I was intrigued by the trailers and excited to see the new Wes Anderson film. Up to this point, The Royal Tenenbaums was my favorite WAF (not to be confused with Woody Allen Film). A film with good character development, a multiple story house, a grownup tent, and just the right amount of familial dysfunctionality, are all qualities to make The Royal Tenenbaums the ‘uppest’ of my alley. Moonrise Kingdom has taken these qualities and blown them up into the finest picture of warm pastels, adolescent mini skirts, the poorest application of blue eyeshadow and a cat eye, vinyl, fine literature, pubescent sexuality, the boy scouts, thunder storms, blood, and dead dogs. The music, indie, the characters, iconic, and equally capable to become halloween costume standards like the black eye rimmed Margo Tenenbaum. From the opening scene, there is an awareness of duty and regularity that slowly gets turned upon itself. The use of: the boy scouts, their rules and regulations, the parents, who do not love each other, the anecdotal narrator/tour guide, with the funny forest green hat and galoshes – all of which help create a stream of life lessons, a neuvo romeo and juliet, a tale of forbidden love, and a story where running away from home teaches everyone a little bit more about themselves. None of the characters are by any means popular or functional, but they are lovely and classic and likely to stay a while in the hearts of those lucky enough to understand this movie.

Apart from the fantastical story telling abilities Wes achieves in Moonrise, the particular and unusual aesthetics melt my hearts lenses. I love Suzy Bishop. I love her peachy and collared dress, her knee socks, her blue eyeshadow, her saddle shoes, her binoculars that help her understand the world. I love Sam, his Daniel Boone hat, his glasses, his necktie, his pocket knife. I love how these kids play house in the woods. I just want to put all of this inventory into a canteen and take it with me into the back woods. The colors, the richness of this film, the close attention it pays to the 60s, and small island living, these are a few of the pieces I found particularly engaging and had to blog about:

Suzy is a reader, a young intellectual. She needs to see the world through binoculars because she cannot get close enough without them. Suzy is the eldest of three brothers, she needs to feel glamorous and special, and Sam makes her feel that way. She needs a sense of adventure, but without neglecting her need to feel feminine and to be doted upon with wild flowers and underwear dances on the shores of a deserted beach – this is why she wears frosted blue eye shadow and liquid liner whilst camping (girl after my own heart).

1. The “Globe Trotter” yellow suitcase, an essential to any runaway from home circa 1965, J.Crew. $1,750; 2. Old Binoculars, the best way to see the world, $32; 3. Stila Jewel Eyeshadow in blue sapphire, a must to achieve Suzy’s classic cat eye, $20; 4. L’Oreal Lineur Intense in carbon black, no cat eye is finished without a thick line of liquid liner, $8; 5. Red Shift, a classic retro shift is a requirement for fashionistas during the mod era, $33; 6. Crosley Portable Usb Spinnerette, the stolen jam player, $170; 7. Pastel Journal, all intellectuals carry a pretty little leather journal, it’s just the way it is, $42; 8. Saddle Shoes, the classic shoe seals the 60s aesthetic, $38, 9. Knee Highs, sweet and flirty, $34.

Sam is an orphan, a hopeless romantic, and a painter. He is strange and does not have many friends. He incites a pen pal relationship with Suzy. Sam knows beauty when he sees it. He likes things that are unusual and sophisticated – Sam is a lovely boy who fights back. I love this charming kid. Anyone who wears a Daniel Boone hat is safe in my book.

1. Authentic Coonskin Cap, every globe trotter needs this to keep his head toasty, $200; 2.H&M Specks, nerd chic complete, $10; 3.Vintage Tiger Scarf, to complete the boy scout couture, $200; 4. Green Cardi, indie boy scouts costume game changer, $195; 5. Ecote Canvas Ruchsack, the most rustic backpack with the right amount of retro combat style ,$50; 6. Canteen, the mean canteen to keep an adventurer and his girl well hydrated, $8; 7. Remington Rifle, 2nd amendment bitches, and to kill food; 8. Sperry Topsider Boat Shoes, the classic leather loafer, good for scouts and their ensembles, $80; 9. Green Khaki Shorts, zip fly and extended button, need I say more?, $53.

If you have not yet, see this film, it will make you laugh and feel all beautiful and retro inside.

Skin Care Favorites

A fresh looking face is not always as easy as it looks to obtain. I think people, especially younger girls, neglect to treat their skin properly. Makeup can help your complexion look clear and pretty, but the care that happens underneath is imperative to a healthy looking mug!

First of all, and as obvious as it seems, it is critical to include an SPF in your skin care regiment. Sun and vitamin D are great, but too much sun can cause hyper pigmentation, dark spots, and cancer. I have never been much of a sun worshiper, a. because I just don’t tan, and b. I am a winter girl all the way, and I just favor that porcelain, Victorian look. My foundations usually have an spf, but I like to use an oil free spf underneath my moisturizer before I put on my makeup. ALSO, keeping hydrated is really important. I drink water like a mermaid and I really think it helps my skin, and of course, my overall health. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, so keeping a large tumbler, or CamelBak with you all day is helpful and a good reminder to keep drinking. Last tip before the products, limit your diet to non-greasy foods. Indulging in fast food every once in a while is totally fine, but you are what you eat. If you are eating a lot of processed and greasy foods, it’s only going to show in your complexion as well as your gut. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, a limited amount of red meat, and good fats like avocados are essential nutrients your body needs, and your skin will thank you for it. Now, enough on the rant and onto the products.

1. Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate; This cleaner is potent and it really just removes all of the dirt and makeup buildup in my pores. If you don’t exfoliate, dirt, makeup, and grime can settle in your pores and make blemishes. It is imperative that you exfoliate to keep your skin really clean. I recommend exfoliating once to twice a week — I just do it once because this product is quite pricey. 2. Murad Spot Treatment; This sulfur based ointment kills pimples so fast — it really is a life saver. I put this on the blemished area two nights in a row and that sucker is gone! 3. Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm; This name is so awkward, but the product is amazing. I put this on every night before bed, and my lips are so soft and moisturized the next day. I feel like my lips have always been on the dry side even if I apply chapstick all day, but since I have been using this nightly, my lips are perfectly soft and healthy. 4. The Ren Glycolactic Skin Renewal Mask; This mask is potent and brightening! It uses fruit enzymes (pineapple, papaya, cranberry, etc) to remove unwanted debris from the skin. I love the smell and the way it brightens my skin. I put a layer of this on my skin for 10 minutes, then remove it with warm water and the cloth provided, and my skin is so soft and really BRIGHT! 5. Cetaphil; I use this to remove waterproof eye makeup and foundation. It’s really gentle and does a great job clearing away makeup. 6. Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital Moisturizer; I love the smell of this, the texture, and the way it preps my skin for foundation. It does a great job hydrating my beyond dry cheeks and the oil free formula does’t irritate any blemishes or occasional redness. I think this product is geared towards dryer skin, so I would not recommend this for an oily skin. 7. Ole Henriksen Red Tea Foaming Cleanser; I heart this cleanser. I love the orange peel smell of it and the silky texture. It makes my skin look so bright and fresh, and I have broken out a lot less since using it everyday. 8. Soap and Glory Hand Food; This non-greasy hand cream comes with me everywhere. It smells like marshmallows and coconut and it keeps my usually dry hands soft as a heart surgeon’s. 9. Clean and Clear Cleanser; this cleanser is inexpensive and helps remove the remainder of my makeup. I like the smell and the fact that I can load up on it because it’s so cheap. I also use it throughout the day on non-makeup days to re-fresh. 10. Rubbing Alcohol; the multi tasking LIFE SAVER. This guy can clean anything. I kind of use it as a toner, which freaks some people out, but I only place it on OCCASIONAL breakouts. My t-zone is my problem area, so this product helps keep it clearer, and I hardly break out because of it.

Hope you enjoyed my skin care favorites! ❤