70s Vibes – Groovy Jives


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The greatest music of all time was recorded in the 70s – we are talking Zeppelin, Journey, Foreigner, Pink Floyd, I could go on… Needless to say the style is rad too. I am really digging the 70s jams going on in the fashion world right now. Ever since Nicole Richie rocked her boho style post “Simple Life,” I was hooked. These bell bottoms were an awesome find in Hawaii. I really started with these “bad boys” (fit for the Brady Bunch) as a base for this look. This look is also perfect for… you guessed it… FESTIVAL season! Even if you’re not throwing down a down payment on a Ford Focus to listen to jams in a dustbowl with the #Jenners, rock out to some chill tunes on your iPod and bust out some flares – you’ll feel Groovy.


Transport Tote, Madewell

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platforms

Ray Bans Aviator Sunnies

Jewelry, Vintage/Italy

Duster, Urban Outfitters

Bell Bottoms, Pacsun

Top, American Eagle

3 thoughts on “70s Vibes – Groovy Jives

  1. The late 60’s flowers in our hair, granny dresses, loose comfortable clothing which seemed to go on for decades and here it is again! Also, in the 60’s many of us swaped flower child, for the mini, thanks to Twiggy. So yes in the 70’s the hippy look was still in, but it also gave us some of the ugliest styles and fabrics. Oh, the ugliest of all was the men’s leisure suits!

  2. I noticed the seventies were coming back when yarn and macrame hangings started popping up on the DIY/decor blogs I read. I’m not crazy about those, but I’m digging the seventies clothes! Especially anything with a good pattern or texture. Love your photography, Hannah. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for visiting my blog, Jillian! The 70s decor is pretty interesting! The clothes are cool. I totally agree. What decor blogs do you follow? I love decor, but I am looking for more online content to look at. Miss you, JTempest!

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