Closet Cat Lady

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I am allergic to cats, but boy do I love Charlotte Olympia kitty flats. Charlotte Olympia, you sure know how to make feet swoon. These “Sunkissed Kitty flats” were the black friday score of the century. These bad boys retail for nearly $700, I got them 90% off at Nordy’s – at 3pm. They were the only CO shoes in the store. In my size. It was providence. I think a proper cat lady should always have a furry cardi or overcoat. This multi-color, or calico, if you will (*pun*), does the job! On another note, how Risky Business is this shirt dress?! May the new year bring you great deals on shoes and other goodies!


Shirt Dress by Silence & Noise, Urban Outfitters, 50% off in stores) – I have the navy ‘stripy’ one too!

Faux Fur Coat, Urban Outfitters – on sale now!

Charlottle Olympia “Sunkissed Kitty Flats,” limited edition (similar or these for under $100)

Prada Sunnies

Vintage sterling silver pendant

Michael Kors “Runway Watch” in stainless steel 

Louis Vuitton, Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene

Banana Republic leggings, my favorite ever

Napoleon Perdis lipsticks in “Lilliana” and “Hess” 


Hannah’s Happy Hour: The Moscow Mule



Moscow Mules were born in the US in the 1940s gaining major popularity in LA in the 50s and boy are we glad they have resurfaced these last couple years. Retro cocktails like the mule are classics that we will have long beyond our Madmen days. The Mule, as I like to refer to her, is an icy and refreshing drink comprised of ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice, and it absolutely must be served in a copper mug to keep her icy. Elsa would even approve of this libation. After a week of rich food, not to mention: Ramos Gin Fizzes, White Russians, and Egg Nog everything (eggnog that is practically seeping through the pores), this beverage is a nice and clean way to detox from all of the cream. Want to learn how to make one? For simple steps, keep reading.


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Moscow Mule, serves one:

-Ice cubes                                                                                                                                                       -2 shots Vodka (I recommend Grey Goose)
-Ginger Beer, about 16 oz. (Gosling’s is my fave. Please note ginger beer is very different from Ginger Ale, no Canada Dry, y’all)
-Fresh lime juice (1/2 lime)
-1 lime wedge and a fresh sprig of mint to garnish                                                                                       -Copper Mule Mug (This is a crucial medium for the cocktails. Check out these mugs, 40% off on amazon!)

To make the drink, fill your copper mule mug with ice. Combine 2 shots of the Vodka and top it off with ginger beer until your mug is full to your liking. Add the lime wedge to hang on the rim and a sprig of mint for an extra classy touch.

Enjoy and drink responsibly! Happy New Year!

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Pink Sequins FTW!

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What’s a better excuse to wear sequins than the start of the holiday season!? I feel like a Golden Girl –  I am so happy to sparkle like this. I think it’s hard to not look moderately glamorous with a full midi skirt and a little sparkle. And how chic is this little red Chanel dupe!? 25 bucks y’all! I am also really enjoying this half-up topknot! Try it out for Christmas parties. Cheers!


Pink Sequined Top, Forever 21 (in stores), Similar

Circle Midi Skirt, Forever 21

Red Velvet Crossbody Bag, Forever21 

Prada Sunnies

Red Suede Booties

Mac Lipstick in Heroine and lipliner in Nightmoth


C’est Bon!

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C’est bon! A born worrier, I am constantly reminding myself, “it’s all good.” I am really keen on French typography as well so this shirt is a win win. Also, this sweater – softest cardi in the world. If you like your personal space though, I would not recommend it. People cannot help but pet you like a cat. I really like the mix of whites in this ensemble. The cream cardigan offset by the clean and crisp white of the tee is quite cool. I also think the juxtaposition of the structured letters in the tee shirt with the fuzzy and soft texture of the sweater is quite smart.


C’est Bon Tee Shirt, Banana Republic

Drapey Trousers, Old Navy (old) 

Fuzzy Mohair Cardi, Forever21 

Ray Ban Green Flesh Lens

Gold Metallic Pumps, Banana Republic/ Similar 

Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B Bag in Electric Blue (Med.)/ Similar Minkoff M.A.B