Prom Queen of 1959!




IMG_0520 - Version 2_FotorIMG_0519_FotorIMG_0518_Fotor


It has always been my dream to be a 1950s prom queen for Halloween and this year it came true! 1950s prom queens are an elite group of ghosts that parade around Halloween in ’57 Chevys and eat gallons of candy and never gain a millimeter to their waistline. Poofy hair, poofy skirt… how can you go wrong? And yes, the answer to your question is: this is all my hair, it took 47.5 minutes, and I know beehives are more 1960s, but #yolo. Happy Halloween!

Pink Prom Dress, Vintage 1950s

White Goves/ Vintage (my Nana’s)

Pearlescent Peeped Toe Ballroom Dance Shoes, Vintage

Pearls, Target (old)

Pearl Earrings, Forever21

Tiara, amazon 



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