Le Birthday Wish List: 24!

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Yes, here comes another year for Miss Hannah. At the end of the month, I will be 24 – huzzah! I realize these items are a bit unfeasible, but blast you, unfeasible… I am a 24 year old woman!

1. Balenciaga City Bag in black, $1,835; Boy, have I become a bag hoodlum (sounds nicer than bag whore). I blame these blasted designer bag collecting youtube gals. Any who, this Balenciaga city bag is a longtime favorite of mine since High School, when Nicole Richie was my BAE style woman. It was 2005 and she had those swoopy side bangs, an A-line bob, and some seriously hardcore style. I was girl crush in’. Long story short, she had this bag, she still has it, and I want one. Beautiful lightweight Italian leather and a killer style that will remain timeless. You go, City Bag!

2. Vince D’Orsay Nina Flats, $295; These leather flats are like butt-ahh. Clean lines, classic shape, comfort^2 (that means squared for all you non-mathletes) – I could see myself wearing the leather stuffing out of these slippers.

3. Jo Malone Cologne in Vanilla & Anis, $120; Luxury is personified by Jo Malone fragrance. Oo La La! Exquisite combinations of things you never knew you would love! Anis is quite delightful bee-tee-dubs – “Get a whiff of those sparkling top notes.”

4. A Frenchie! $5,500,000.50; Zut Alors! I want one! I want one! I realize this puppy will have to be a gift at another time (most likely from me, to me), but I still thought I would include this lovable lap dog on my list. They do cost like, a jillion and a half dollars and 50 cents.

5. One Teaspoon Bandit Denim Shorts, $99; Yes, overpriced and diapery… just the way I like my jorts! Distressed and supes cool, these shredded cutoffs could survive a California fall & winter quite easily.

That’s all! Isn’t it fun to want expensive things?! #shopaholic #sorrynotsorry