Tropicall Me Maybe

Tropicall Me Maybe

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Topshop retro swimsuit

Club Manhattan Pineapple Studs
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Alo-ha! It’s summertime and tropical prints have arrived! You can’t swing a dead cat in the fashion world without hitting a Hawaiian shirt, pineapple jewelry, or even palm tree printed pants. These fun prints are a lovely way to embrace the warmer weather and the marvelous vacations we take this time of year close to the equator. I remember the first time I went to Hawaii. I was ten and insisted on having a Hawaiian shirt. I bought a men’s O’neill shirt, at Costco of course. I was hap-pen-ing in my Velcro sandals, drowning in my men’s tropical button-up. I really have always been a huge fan of the Hawaain shirt, and I’m excited for these modern takes on the old favorite available in women’s cuts. I really love these selections.

Aloha! (Remember, it’s the same coming or going!)