Top 5 Girl Crushes of 2012


So, I am sure everyone knows what a “girl crush” is, but let’s do a recap for the baby boomers and moms est. 1990 reading this blog, sadly my largest audience. Urban Dictionary defines a “girl crush” as “feelings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag the said girl. a nonsexual attraction, usually based on veneration at some level.” I would say a girl crush is a platonic quasi-obsession one hetero girl has for another girl. It’s like you admire that girl so much for her taste, brain, and style, you wanna be her. What a really nice guy would feel initially towards a girl, when you think about the whole mind vs. sex part of the attraction. Any who, I have compiled a list of my 5 top girl crushes for 2012.

1). Lana Del Rey: I have just devoted a blog entry to why I love to hate this girl, but I will state my girl crushery in a less complex fashion: Lana has a cohesive fashion story. She never veers from her 60s prom queen, zombie wannabe, chola-ness/all-american white girl, and I love that – you know what you are getting when you google image search her. She has a cute reconstructed nose, and her hair is always perfectly teased. I just love this betty and her melodramatic music. She gets 5 and 1/2 Beehives in my book.


2). Paloma Faith: I have been listening to her single, New York, on the Sephora radio for about 5 1/2 months and had no idea who she was until 2 weeks ago. She is super duper cute. Another vintage queen, she is not conventionally beautiful and not afraid to wear strange avant-garde hair or gowns to further strangify her looks. Paloma is also a super rad name. Paloma has this super cute british accent and affection for polka dots, and I just heart her so much. She also has a video for her song “Picking Up the Pieces” set in a grave yard, which I think is perfectly hitchcock and chic. Check her out, the girl has some vocal pipes on her!


3). T Swift: Golly gee another love hate thing… because she has the most ridiculous and undeep love life, but I mostly just love her. I don’t think Taylor has anything great going for her vocally, or songically… but she has mediocre breakup songs when you are feeling 16 and stupid and heartbroken – which I feel from time to time (even though I mostly feel jaded, and 53). Tay Tay also has some sweet fashion sense with her little high wasted skirts, ray bans, her cute little bangs, and dainty little socks, etc. She rocks the red lips and winged liner, and I just like her. Her perfume is also horrible, and wonderfully sweet and vanillay… SO T Swift ain’t so bad, and worthy of a girl crush.


4). Miley Cyrus: OMG I really hate myself for this one… but her style lately has been too rad not to notice. I love that she is rockin’ the whole 90s grunge thing with her courageous little bleached pixi, her distressed denim, combat boots, and flannel. I actually love her aesthetic now, even though she is still a bit slootay.


5). Hattie from Qu33neY on youtube: Not a hollywood girl, but one of my FAVORITE vloggers of 2012. Hattie is the cutest little british girl. She has great style, great taste, and she just seems like the kind of girl you would want to go thrifting with and drink lavender milk tea with on a Sunday afternoon. I love her videos and her blog, and I look forward to her next interweb endeavors of 2013. AND we are also the same age, so i think that’s KOOL.


Happy Girl Crushing!

XOXO Hanners