Birthday Wish List

Even though my birthday is still 3 months away, I have compiled some things I would not mind getting when I turn 22.  I usually never really think about what I want, then come September, I have no idea what to tell Nana and Gams what I want! Then everyone gets mad at me for being unusually unmaterialistic… Money is always good, but when I receive cash or a check I feel like I need to be responsible and save it for a house or something… Anyways, here is my Birthday Wish List! ENJOY!

1. Dr. Martens in Pastel Purple, $119.95; 2. The New iPad, $499; 3. Who Could Be? Saddle Shoes, $38; 4. Mint to Be Scarf, $18; 5. 90s Metal Insert Glasses, $32; 6. Beach Front View Dress in Green, $128; 7. Naked 2 Palette, $55; 8. Essie Nail Lacquer in Tart Deco, $8; Vulli Sophie (teething giraffe toy), $25

Why I Want These Goodies!?:

1. I love the pastel Dr. Martens because they are such a clunky boot, but with this soft hue they look dainty and cute… but still a little badass!  2. The iPad speaks for itself… so portable and cutting edge.  3. I have been wanting saddle shoes for a while now, I just have yet to find them vintagy enough and in my size.  I think these mod cloth ones look super retro and not too pricey.  They make me want to go to a sock hop!! 4. I have been loving mint lately – this scarf is such a pretty color and quite whimsical looking.  Scarves are always handy pieces to have around – scarves are an easy way to make an outfit more dimensional. 5. These 90s inspired sunglasses are super grunge yet sophisticated.  I love the shape of the frames and the decade they inspire. 6. Mint again!  I don’t need this dress in particular – I just love pretty dresses that look like Disneyland, and the mint color is just so pretty! 7.  The Naked 2 palette: I love my Naked palette and I would not mind having this sequel for cooler tones and more makeup play! 8. Tart Deco was apparently Oprah’s nail polish color of the year.  My old roomie, Julia, introduced me! It’s a real crowd pleaser when you adorn your nails with the bright, soft and creamy orange lacquer. 9. I know that Sophie is a teether for babies, but she is just so precious!  She reminds me of a toy my older cousin had.  I think she would look cute on a bookshelf keeping literature company.

Well that’s it! Happy EARLY B-day to me! Peace and Blessings



6 thoughts on “Birthday Wish List

  1. I had those shoes in the late 50’s and early 60’s. They were called Bobbies a softer lighter saddle shoe than that of the originals which were much heavier and were very popular in the 40’s and early 50’s. In the late 50’s and early 60’s those of us who were into fashion had our Bobbies and a pair of Debs!

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