To Do List (Post Graduate/Summer Edition)

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-Float, apathetically, in a pool like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate.

-Quit smoking, oh wait, too smart to start that in the first place.

-Drink good beer, but sparingly, no beer bellies.

-Roller blade.

-Take up the drums again.

-Blog, blog, and blog.

-Read the Nancy Drew series.

-Clean whatever is under my bed (collecting since 2003 I am sure).

-Paint my room (a nice blue perhaps).

-Build shelves, homes for all of my wonderful novels.

-Watch every James Dean movie made.

-Run through the sprinklers singing old school Ricky Martin (a tradition I made for myself for summer when I was 9).

-Write a screenplay (I take myself very seriously).

-Start and finish the Harry Potter series.

-Write a personal essay, a la David Sedaris.

-Learn how to use iMovie.

-Make a Youtube vlog/makeup channel.

-Finally learn to play the guitar, then take on the banjo (if this fails, start and end with Mandolin).

-Wear my retainers nightly.

-Start an indie band with Leeki.

-Start the X-files, Firefly, and finish Twin Peaks.

-Steal more library books.

-Go thrifting.

-Build a fort.

-Write a song about hummus.

-Return some stolen library books.

-Consider a masters in Library Science.

-Buy a car.

-Get a basket for the Schwinn.

-Become “a runner.”

-Have a Gone with the Wind Marathon with Leeki and les parents.

-Narrow down my official life “Reading List”

-Read at least a book a week.

-Consider a turtle purchase.

-Peruse used bookstores as often as possible.

-Fist bump the “fist bumping lions” down the street – document it.

-Make a 7th grade status Science Project: working VOLCANO.

-Journal, all nonsense of course, because life should never be too emotional.

-Take afternoon walks in the countryside as often and possible.

-Make new friends.

-Shell art.

-Relive the ’90s (already started with denim jackets and WWJD bracelets).

-Construct a diorama for a Wes Anderson film and/or a “Littles” novel.


Not to do list:

-Snob out when it comes to paying jobs.

-Dance and lip synch like mad when retail stores play “Call Me Maybe.”

-Use Yolo as often as possible.


2 thoughts on “To Do List (Post Graduate/Summer Edition)

  1. Hopefully, there will always be wonderful new books for us to cherish. I worry sometime that there will only be electronic libraries. The Gap and I are cleaning out books, we better run them by Topsy first. I must admit that it is sometimes easier to hold onto a light electronic book than a heavy hard bound book…..but there are my favorites, the paperback and the ease of folding the corners down. Talk about books makes me think about how much I would love to spend the winter with a pile of books in a compy chair in the main lobby at the Old Faithful Inn. By the way library science should be a good profession for a girl with a topknot, glasses, bright red lips and winged eyeliner.

    • Thank you so much! Gammie! YES RUN ALL BOOK GIVEAWAYS BY ME! I love the paper backs aw well… 🙂

      Thank you for your compliments about my look for Library Science! 🙂 so 60s i am! ahaha

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