My Life in Movies: You’ve Got Mail

In lieu of the passing of the brilliant and talented, Nora Ephron, a personal role model of mine – I write this blog dedicated to her most quaint film, You’ve Got Mail.


You’ve Got Mail is by far my favorite movie of all time. I can quote the thing to death and revel in every image and song each time I sit down to watch it. It just makes me feel cozy, it’s a cozy movie.  You’ve Got Mail is the charming tale about small independent children’s bookstore owner Kathleen Kelly and her “arch nemesis,” Joe Fox, the new book superstore owner.  Kathleen is an “enchanting” woman with a love for Pride and Prejudice, children’s novels, daisies, “the friendliest flower,” and butterflies on the subway.  Kathleen and Joe are both in love with aol email “pen” pals, who consequently are each other, but whom of which identities are unbeknownst to them.  Their relationship  with both the little fights, and moments of kindness make this film incredibly sweet and zany.  I fall in love with Joe Fox each time, and only hope to one day have a home as lovely as Miss Kelly’s apartment.

1. Vintage Mint Green Hermes 3000 Swiss Made Typewriter, $150; 2. Silk Daisy Bouquet, $46; 3. Yellow pencil, $2.50/pack; 4. Cath Kidson Crush Mug, $5; 5. Waiting in Outline Dress in Blue, $48; 6. Shabby Chic for Target Douvet, $80; 7. Pride and Prejudice, $15; 8. Glitter Done Shoe, $35; 9. Black Glittery Wall Clock, $35; 10. Tippi Cardigan, $85

I love Kathleen and Joe’s lovers: silly Frank Navasky with his obsession with typewriters, neurotic Patricia with her tic tacs and over the counter pills.  There are so many great allusions to great literature, Pride and Prejudice obviously – even a quick note to my favorite children’s series, The Betsy- Tacy books!  Images of street fairs, lavish boats, Joe’s bachelor pad: the male counter to Kathleen’s cozy flat, Starbucks! It’s such a timeless movie, I can hardly take all of the goodness.

Between Kathleen and her daisies and Joe Fox and his fancies about bouquets of sharpened pencils in the Fall, you will just want to be in an enchanted rom-com yourself!  If you have yet to see this movie, please do, it’s too precious to miss.

Fox. F-O-X.

RIP Nora Ephron, 1941-2012

To Do List (Post Graduate/Summer Edition)

Image Detail

-Float, apathetically, in a pool like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate.

-Quit smoking, oh wait, too smart to start that in the first place.

-Drink good beer, but sparingly, no beer bellies.

-Roller blade.

-Take up the drums again.

-Blog, blog, and blog.

-Read the Nancy Drew series.

-Clean whatever is under my bed (collecting since 2003 I am sure).

-Paint my room (a nice blue perhaps).

-Build shelves, homes for all of my wonderful novels.

-Watch every James Dean movie made.

-Run through the sprinklers singing old school Ricky Martin (a tradition I made for myself for summer when I was 9).

-Write a screenplay (I take myself very seriously).

-Start and finish the Harry Potter series.

-Write a personal essay, a la David Sedaris.

-Learn how to use iMovie.

-Make a Youtube vlog/makeup channel.

-Finally learn to play the guitar, then take on the banjo (if this fails, start and end with Mandolin).

-Wear my retainers nightly.

-Start an indie band with Leeki.

-Start the X-files, Firefly, and finish Twin Peaks.

-Steal more library books.

-Go thrifting.

-Build a fort.

-Write a song about hummus.

-Return some stolen library books.

-Consider a masters in Library Science.

-Buy a car.

-Get a basket for the Schwinn.

-Become “a runner.”

-Have a Gone with the Wind Marathon with Leeki and les parents.

-Narrow down my official life “Reading List”

-Read at least a book a week.

-Consider a turtle purchase.

-Peruse used bookstores as often as possible.

-Fist bump the “fist bumping lions” down the street – document it.

-Make a 7th grade status Science Project: working VOLCANO.

-Journal, all nonsense of course, because life should never be too emotional.

-Take afternoon walks in the countryside as often and possible.

-Make new friends.

-Shell art.

-Relive the ’90s (already started with denim jackets and WWJD bracelets).

-Construct a diorama for a Wes Anderson film and/or a “Littles” novel.


Not to do list:

-Snob out when it comes to paying jobs.

-Dance and lip synch like mad when retail stores play “Call Me Maybe.”

-Use Yolo as often as possible.