Grunge is Back!

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I have most definitely been on a 90s kick for a while (tv, movies, books, music, fashion, words, etc).  I was born in 1990 so I didn’t really get the biggest taste of it – rather the watered down version of pop and mmmbop provided by Nickelodeon, whore British girls, smiley face clip art, and sun flowered overalls, until I got smart.

My taste of grunge and 90s music came from my dad and my older cousins.  My cousin Ashley listened to No Doubt ALL OF THE TIME… I think she was my first exposure to the band and I have liked them ever since.  I remember the cover art to Tragic Kingdom, Gwen in a leather read dress, 40s rolls, red lips and clown shoes, Don’t Speak on repeat – I knew that would be my aesthetic.  I then was introduced by my dad to Veruca Salt, the Breeders and Garbage – girl grunge bands were my knew thing.

Before long I was wearing flannel and combat boots.  Scream singing in the shower… I wanted to be a part of it.

My Dad told be about Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Better than Ezra, Pearl Jam, the movie Reality Bites…  My dad was a pastor and we had a thing called coffee hour where new indie grunge bands would play for us, us and our strong coffee.  Something resinated in me, and I liked it.

My 90s kick: (spontaneous exposures to the decade)


My So Called Life (on Netflix), watched it, devoured it…

Clueless (our heroine is not grunge, but the film encompasses the era)

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Reality Bites

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Perks of Being a Wallflower

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Oversized flannel and combat boots

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Deep red/currant colored lipstick, (very deep blood reds and maroons), i.e. Chola! (I use “hangup” by Mac)

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Veruca Salt

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The Breeders

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Better than Ezra

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Rilo KIley (late 90s)

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No Doubt (the early stuff, remember when they were Ska!?)

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Sayings I’ve been Utilizing, (more Ironically than not):


Page me (irony, iphone generation)

The Bomb

Bones ($)

Buzz Kill


Damn Skippy


Duh! (I usually add “le” in front)


Home Skillet

Jacked up

Mad (a lot)

Barney (ugly, unattractive person)

As if









Bitchin’ (but that’s 80s)

(Note: New Post on a  Modern Take on 90s Grunge Fashion to Come!)


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