Top Knots and Bowler Hats, A Love Story

I have always thought what is on your head is more important than what’s in it.  Who cares how smart you are when you look baller in your bowler? Or like a princess with a hugeass bun on your head?

Both are great for bad hair days and just lookin’ plain bitchin.’  Hopefully the middle schooler won’t catch on with these trends like they did with combat boots… (no comment).

First of all, you may ask: How does one achieve an elegant and ridiculously large knot on your head? Sockbun anyone? Yea, it doesn’t work… that chick from Eastern Europe on Youtube is cray, cray.  I have my own way (may differ for each hair type)….

Image Detail

Steps for Top Knot:

1) Get an elastic head band, (so you have a lot of band to use on your pony tail), and form an ordinary ponytail, pretty high on your head, depending how high you want your knot. (note: with all the wrapping from the elastic, your ponytail should have a pretty thick band around it and look like I Dream of Jeannie).

2)  Take the hair in your pony tail and tease as needed, (the teasing helps with volume).

3) Lightly brush your backcombed hair and wrap it into a loose bun.

4) Secure with an elastic or bobby pins (I just use one elastic).

5) Final step, adjust hair to your liking and spray lightly with a strong hold hairspray.

AND, it can be however messy or neat as you wish… the rogue in me likes it a tiny bit tousled and casual.

How to look baller in your bowler?

1) Buy a hat from Urban Outfitters, some overpriced hipster vintage store, the ghetto mall, and/or Sears.

2) (The baller part depends on your self esteem – get some).

Still not convinced to wear one… ?  Think of all the ballers who wore bowler hats:

Charlie Chaplin, who had babies well into his 70, what’s not baller about that?

Image Detail

The effing Wright brothers… plane travel, baller.

Wright Brothers

Winston Churchill… super quoted dead Brit…

Image Detail

Madonna, we would have no Lady Gaga if it weren’t for Madonna…

Image Detail

AND that guy in the painting with the apple… super chill piece of art y’all…

Image Detail

So there you have it, buy a bowler.

Peace and blessings, and top off that head.

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