Grunge is Back!

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I have most definitely been on a 90s kick for a while (tv, movies, books, music, fashion, words, etc).  I was born in 1990 so I didn’t really get the biggest taste of it – rather the watered down version of pop and mmmbop provided by Nickelodeon, whore British girls, smiley face clip art, and sun flowered overalls, until I got smart.

My taste of grunge and 90s music came from my dad and my older cousins.  My cousin Ashley listened to No Doubt ALL OF THE TIME… I think she was my first exposure to the band and I have liked them ever since.  I remember the cover art to Tragic Kingdom, Gwen in a leather read dress, 40s rolls, red lips and clown shoes, Don’t Speak on repeat – I knew that would be my aesthetic.  I then was introduced by my dad to Veruca Salt, the Breeders and Garbage – girl grunge bands were my knew thing.

Before long I was wearing flannel and combat boots.  Scream singing in the shower… I wanted to be a part of it.

My Dad told be about Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Better than Ezra, Pearl Jam, the movie Reality Bites…  My dad was a pastor and we had a thing called coffee hour where new indie grunge bands would play for us, us and our strong coffee.  Something resinated in me, and I liked it.

My 90s kick: (spontaneous exposures to the decade)


My So Called Life (on Netflix), watched it, devoured it…

Clueless (our heroine is not grunge, but the film encompasses the era)

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Reality Bites

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Perks of Being a Wallflower

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Oversized flannel and combat boots

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Deep red/currant colored lipstick, (very deep blood reds and maroons), i.e. Chola! (I use “hangup” by Mac)

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Veruca Salt

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The Breeders

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Better than Ezra

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Rilo KIley (late 90s)

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No Doubt (the early stuff, remember when they were Ska!?)

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Sayings I’ve been Utilizing, (more Ironically than not):


Page me (irony, iphone generation)

The Bomb

Bones ($)

Buzz Kill


Damn Skippy


Duh! (I usually add “le” in front)


Home Skillet

Jacked up

Mad (a lot)

Barney (ugly, unattractive person)

As if









Bitchin’ (but that’s 80s)

(Note: New Post on a  Modern Take on 90s Grunge Fashion to Come!)


Top Knots and Bowler Hats, A Love Story

I have always thought what is on your head is more important than what’s in it.  Who cares how smart you are when you look baller in your bowler? Or like a princess with a hugeass bun on your head?

Both are great for bad hair days and just lookin’ plain bitchin.’  Hopefully the middle schooler won’t catch on with these trends like they did with combat boots… (no comment).

First of all, you may ask: How does one achieve an elegant and ridiculously large knot on your head? Sockbun anyone? Yea, it doesn’t work… that chick from Eastern Europe on Youtube is cray, cray.  I have my own way (may differ for each hair type)….

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Steps for Top Knot:

1) Get an elastic head band, (so you have a lot of band to use on your pony tail), and form an ordinary ponytail, pretty high on your head, depending how high you want your knot. (note: with all the wrapping from the elastic, your ponytail should have a pretty thick band around it and look like I Dream of Jeannie).

2)  Take the hair in your pony tail and tease as needed, (the teasing helps with volume).

3) Lightly brush your backcombed hair and wrap it into a loose bun.

4) Secure with an elastic or bobby pins (I just use one elastic).

5) Final step, adjust hair to your liking and spray lightly with a strong hold hairspray.

AND, it can be however messy or neat as you wish… the rogue in me likes it a tiny bit tousled and casual.

How to look baller in your bowler?

1) Buy a hat from Urban Outfitters, some overpriced hipster vintage store, the ghetto mall, and/or Sears.

2) (The baller part depends on your self esteem – get some).

Still not convinced to wear one… ?  Think of all the ballers who wore bowler hats:

Charlie Chaplin, who had babies well into his 70, what’s not baller about that?

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The effing Wright brothers… plane travel, baller.

Wright Brothers

Winston Churchill… super quoted dead Brit…

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Madonna, we would have no Lady Gaga if it weren’t for Madonna…

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AND that guy in the painting with the apple… super chill piece of art y’all…

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So there you have it, buy a bowler.

Peace and blessings, and top off that head.