Trends and Pieces I have Been Enjoying: 2011

1) Wool Eternity Scarves: I love how easy these are to throw on, and yet they look really styled.  (I have a cranberry/wine colored one from H & M… and a thinner blue and white striped one from American Eagle, thanks to Colleen-bear).

2) Long Cotton Skirts: I love how flowy these skirts are.  They can also transition from summer to fall/winter quite easily with a bit of layering.  (I like wearing them with thick socks and combat boots and letting them show by tying the bottom of the skirt into a knot).

3) Vintage Satchels (Dooney and Bourke all weather): I love, love, love these bags.  I am so happy that the huge boho bags are out.  Smaller bags help over-purse-packers immensely because it makes us minimalists… you don’t need to carry your life in your purse. I am also so so happy because my grandmother found her Dooney and Bourke satchel in her closet two years ago and gave it to me, so it’s free and 80’s vintage! Bitchinnnnnn.

4) Intense Winged eyeliner: Okay, I am not going to lie, I have been wearing liquid eyeliner since I was 12… because I have been obsessed with 40s movies since infancy.  I have really been getting into the more intense 60s wing lately though, (made popular by Mad Men, Adele, etc.).  It’s just a super glamourous look that requires some artistic inclination and a steady hand, and it’s FUN!

5) Top Knot: My favorite hairdo lately… It’s so easy, and while wearing pearled studs it looks really elegant and classy!

top knot

6) Last, but NOT least, COMBAT BOOTS (or prairie style/military style boots). I think I got my first pair of actual combat boots when I was 6 0r 7 for Christmas because I wanted to be just like my older cousin, Ashley, who was OBSESSED with Dr Martens… I got my newest pair two years ago for my birthday AND I HAVE WORN THEM TO DEATH.. hopefully Santa will get me another pair this year!  They are just super fun and badass and I love pairing them with more girly and romantic things to keep life interesting… I also like that you can wear them in the summer with dresses and skirts, in the winter with tights or leggings, or skinny jeans… they are just wonderful! Docs are also wonderful. I like the cherry red because you can wear them with ANYTHING.  If you want more grunge and edge, go with the docs, but if you prefer more steam punk/victorian/prairie style, the steve madden styles (left) may please you more.


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