Halloween as Charlie Chaplin…

So for Halloween I dressed up as Charlie Chaplin… there were some third reich jokes, but nothing too bad. The thing that upset me most was the amount of people who didn’t know who Charlie Chaplin was! Not only was he one of the first movie stars… but really a pop culture icon…. his mustache, his suits, clown shoes, and cane… Gee whiz, some people could use a little culture in their lives….

So here is a little video we filmed of me singing one of my favorite songs “Creep” by Radiohead as Mr. Chaplin… hope you enjoy.

AND of course Happy Halloween…  BOO!

What I Want Now: Frye Boots

I have been wanting Frye boots foreveeeeeeerrrrrr. I think they are so beautiful, smooth, sophisticated, lovely… etc.  They are, however, very pricey.  I have been really  loving the look of the extended calve boot because I love how they look with skinny jeans, long knitted socks or leg warmers, and a cardigan (so posh)… BUT Frye has super bitchin’ studded boots that blow my mind how BA they are.  I must say I am in lust with the studded combats, pictured first… I have seen a lot of people wearing docs again… but they just seem so clunky to me… (unless they have flowers on them).  I like the more refined look that the thinner combats have (pictured below)… And not to mention, the studs! Some girls love glitter… I LOVE STUDS. I like mixing studded, edgier pieces with more feminine pieced (like a lacy dress) – I just love the juxtaposition between the edgy and romantic pieces together in an outfit.

Rogan Studded Laceup, 348.00

Billy Hammered Stud

Billy Hammered Stud, 368.00

Jane 14l Stitch Extended

Jane 14L Stitch, 298.00

Craving Molly Ringwald

An inexplicable urge came over me to watch The Breakfast Club, probably Judd Nelson’s nose… his pierced ears… But, then I realized it was more than Judd’s appendages…. but Molly Ringwald.  Queen of all the gingers, Queen of the 80s, the only girl, I know of, who can put lipstick on from her bra (hands free!)… I began to think of long duck dong, “Mike is a dork…” that wonderful vintage pink dress she massacres into a lacy ass mess. It’s official, I will be watching 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, and the Breakfast Club all week… ❤


My Life in Movies: Marie Antoinette

I absolutely love the aesthetics of Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette… all of her films are incredibly beautiful (i.e. virgin suicides)… But the pastels, shoes, puppies, babies, and cake make me pee… they are so beautiful… Just once… I want my life to be as beautiful as this…

Why don’t we read in the fields in our 18th century gowns anymore?